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  • 400,000+ people are already with us

    We have trained 4,500 people offline, more than 300,00 students online, and over 100,000 people attended our webinars and online conferences

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What our students say

“As a first introduction in depth to SEO, this course has everything you should start to know. I really recommend it.”

Tomás Ezequiel Silva Sanchez

“This course is very informative and so easy to understand! ”

Cristine Joyce Pelayo

“It's a good match for me.. Slowly getting into the core of SEO. Love it!”

Michael Willie

“Great content. I have learned a lot concerning SMM. I will put the knowledge gained into practice with my company website as well as rewind the course again.”

Lawrence OTIENO

“It was a great experience learning basics of SEO!”

Ali Muhammad Anwer

“Topics were explained well and the sample exercise really helped visualizing the strategies mentioned. ”

Inah Blanca Peralta

“Got me good. Well planned course. Fully detailed! ”

Eddy Odongo

We organised a course in digital communication for the Press and Public Information Unite of the OSCE SMM

What they say about our course

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